How we work

Smartingo is using smart marketing approach that combines different digital marketing tools, all with the purpose of increasing sales.

How exactly does this work you can try out yourself quickly and simply with no risk? The first step in our approach is an analysis of your current status and developing specific proposals to improve results. This analysis is free and you can ask for it by clicking here.

When you review the analysis, it’s up to you to decide how interesting do you find the outlined ideas and in which scope do you want to apply them.

If you are interested in specific ideas and proposals on how we can help in your case please contact us.

Our services

Get more business in off-season

If for example, you are selling sun sea and the beach it’s no wonder that most guests come during the summer.

In order to increase the number of guests in off-season customized travel products need to be created and promoted to a targeted audience.

Increasing Direct Sales

Have you calculated how much have you paid to different intermediaries and OTA channels last year?

If you were interested in how to reduce that amount while increasing your direct sales with zero commission, get in touch.

Destination marketing

Innovative digital marketing methods to promote your destination increasing number of visitors of a season and helping your local travel businesses maximize their potential.

View our Internet marketing tips and advice and if you’d like to suggest an internet marketing topic for some of our future articles feel free to get in touch.

Internet marketing tips and advice